"People Are Stoopid" lyrics - STEEL PANTHER

"People Are Stoopid"

I'm hung like a horse but I don't eat hay
Suckin one dick doesn't make you gay
That's what all the boys in prison say

Suck it white boy, suck it white boy, suck it

Bein real rich doesn't make you cool
Your Ed Hardy shirt is still soaked in drool
Everyone can see that you're still a tool
A tool with a lot of money

People are stupid that's the way it is you see
Don't be stupid and deny the reality
Well you can drive a bitchin' car and wear new clothes
But you're stupid and everybody already knows

Dr. Phil's a dick and Oprah too
I've got six inches they both can chew
I wouldn't force a terrorist to watch The View
Or listen to Dr. Laura

Jenny McCarthy's a stupid whore
Gonna slam my nuts in the bathroom door
If she whines about vaccines any more
Ignoring scientific data
Oh yeah

People are stupid baby that sure explains a lot
I'm pretty sure it's 'cause they don't use their brains a lot
You could go off to college and get a degree
But you're still a big dumb motherfucker to me

It don't make no sense
Retarded czars and presidents
Better join 'em you and me
We'll never beat 'em can't you see
Oh yeah

If you got the bird flu and you're on a plane
If you're doin 35 in the passin' lane
Use more than 10 percent of your brain
Before I kick you in the testes

People are stupid honey that's just the way it is
(Stupid motherfuckers everywhere)
Stupid people going into country and the music biz
(What the fuck's it take to win a Grammy)
People are so dumb that they can't even tie their shoes
(Even when they got their sandals on)
Livin' on the dole and havin' kids that are stupid too
(Stupid fuckin kids playin' Call of Duty)
Dumb motherfuckers livin next door to Lexxi Foxx
(Lexxi Foxx is so fuckin' stupid)
Not as dumb as him but dumber than a bag of rocks
(Bags of rocks are so fuckin' stupid)

So tell those stupid people to suck your dong
And listen to another Steel Panther song