"The Revenant" lyrics - STEEL PROPHET

"The Revenant"

Rising back from the depths insane are the cries
From his past
Running away from the truth the anguish
He flees closes fast
Searching the evil unleashed
From rage that his torment amassed
Relentless his quest for revenge from his grave deaths sentence is passed

The ghosts of a time weep for vengeance
Long dead still the dreams haven't ceased
How law could preside such injustice
Now the ravenant's wrath is released

Stolen before it was time
All the dreams that he worked to create
Ravaged so mercilessly he seeks atonement for ill gotten fate
Striking a bargain with hell so the crime done to him is repaid
Striken the slayers eternal roaming life in the guise of a shade

The price his soul lost forever
So the curse of undead can be placed
With the revenant's wrath placed upon them
He can rest for he's suffrage's erased