"Gardenia" lyrics - STEPHEN MALKMUS & THE JICKS

(Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks)

I kinda like the way you dot your j's
With giant circles of naivete
The kinda circles include everything
Don't mean to damn you with the faintest praise
It's just the symptom of the blah age
If he was living
He would be amazed

So you got some curb appeal
But can you cook a three course meal?
Or are you just a present waiting to be opened up
And parceled out again

Well you are a gardenia
Pressed in the campaign journal in the rucksack
Of an afrikaaner candidate for mild reform

It's like we're at a Ponzi scam-inar
There's no escaping without a door prize
They're operating at significant loss
And now the way that you watch your weight
Richard avedon, richard avedon would
Richard avedon would surely approve

So much for your curb appeal
And so much for the 3 course meals
'Cause I am not a present waiting to be opened up
And parceled out again. hey!

Well the torture of the van wyck expressway at 5pm
On Friday
Gives you some idea of how
Rejection makes me feel
Well you are a gardenia
You are a gardenia