"Stranger" lyrics - STEPHEN STILLS


When I look
And my eyes finally meet a lady
Who has something unique
I must know her
Don't stumble on my feet
Get together
At least just enough to speak

To this stranger

If I dream, I'm bound to lose my place
Fascinated, with this beautiful face
Watching her eyes
There focusin' on me
Pay attention, she is talking to me

I'm the stranger

Tryin' to remember that getting it wrong
Is what everyone does
Mutual attraction can be so
Distracting, forget where you were

Strangers can fall in love

When you think about love at all
And you wind up cryin' the blues
And the lonelies person that you know
Is starin' out of the mirror at you you you

Are the stranger
And you know the danger

It'll be right
And you know that she's
With you
She ain't thinkin'
About what she's supposed to do
Might as well just be pretendin'
When you know every new
Friend is a stranger