"Ball Crusher" lyrics - STEPPENWOLF

"Ball Crusher"

Drop down Mama let your boss man see
If you can howl just like a dog for me
Black leather is my favorite game
And you will learn how to scream my name

Look here girl, rest your gums
I'm gonna do like your daddy done
Now let me see you Baby, rockin' soft and slow
Hey! If you don't believe I'll follow you down girl
You've got to go
Don't ya squeeze me Baby, or you will earn your stripes
And you better not be a ball crusher
If you don't know how to pay the price

Now if you really want to taste a joy supreme
You should stay and meet the team
The vulture and his plastic straw
Make you want to dance and shout for more
Come on Baby let me show you 'round the room
And give you time to holler
Any time you can sling it around
We can surly raise a dollar