"Get Into The Wind" lyrics - STEPPENWOLF

"Get Into The Wind"

Out on the highway, looking for a sign
That will lead me to the canyon
Got to meet some friends of mine
I can feel the fires burnin'
As I ride into the light
Got to keep the wheels turnin'
If I have to ride all night.

Cause time is a wastin'
They got wine for the tastin'
Woh...Don't you know
Got to get into the wind.

I can hear the whistle blowin'
As I'm comin' to the track
Got to get to where I'm goin'
Cause you know I can't go back
There is somethin' deep inside me
I can feel the chilly night
My body's tired and restless
But, Lord, I've got to fight.

When I get to where I'm goin'
I know just what I'll find
The fires will be glowin'
So I've got to make some time
Ain't nothin' gonna stop me
Though it's gettin' mighty cool
I've got to keep on goin'
Cause the canyon is my home