"Take What You Need" lyrics - STEPPENWOLF

"Take What You Need"

Take my hand sweet darlin'
Wipe that frown off your face
I don't love anyone but you
No one can take your place
But sometimes I worry darlin'
The way you seem to hog my love

Just take what you need
Don't empty out the store
Just take what you need
'Cause I ain't got much more

Took a stroll in the country
Some peace of mind to find
Wire fences everywhere
No place to rest my mind
Seems like a shame to me
The way some people hog the land

Repeat Chorus

Took a look in the paper
While tryin' to eat a bite
You know I read the evenin' news
And lost my appetite
Some have the nerve to ask
For more respect from you and me

Repeat Chorus