"Tighten Up Your Wig" lyrics - STEPPENWOLF

"Tighten Up Your Wig"

What can you see with your ear on the ground
Try to lift up your feet, girl, and take a look around
Let me see your eyes girl
We've got to make them big
If you'd like to see the truth
I better tighten up your wig

Your mind is too narrow, and it's no surprise
If you fell on a pin, well, you'd be blind in both eyes
Oh, let me see your head, girl, we've got to make it big
Until your ears come apart, I better tighten up your wig

Watch out for the lunch bunch, they'll try to bring you down
Don't get hung up in the shower, baby, you might drown
Oh yeah, oh, your head looks kinda big
Before I loose you mind, girl, I better tighten up your wig

Just before we go, I'd like to mention Junior Wells
We stole his thing from him, and he from someone else
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, he plays the blues like few before
May he play forevermore