"Calico County" lyrics - STEVE EARLE

"Calico County"

Half a case of cold pills soaking in a milk jug
Hydrochloric acid, iontophoresis
Careful not get any on ya when ya shake it up
That's the way we cook it up in Calico County
Calico County

Born in a double wide out behind the county dump
Mama never told me why daddy didn't live with us
Only picture I had he's climbing on the prison bus
Stencil on his back said "Calico County"
Calico County

My little brother Bobby stole a Coca-Cola truck
Drove it through the cemetery
Bobby don't give a fuck
Thirteen tombstones flipped and [?] hundred bucks
Ain't that much money in Calico County
Calico County

"Out of here some day"
Ain't that what they used to say
Army wouldn't take me so I guess I'm gonna have to stay
Friday night, dog fight
Sucking on a meth pipe 'til I lay me down to die in Calico County
Calico County
Calico County