STYX lyrics - Locomotive


Locomotive, tell me where you are
Now that you've become the distant star
Did you lose your faith where you belonged?
Did you hide from those who you did love?
Have you read the messages I've tried to send?
Will you ever come back home again?

Castles by the sea you made from sand
Hovercrafts and drones you built by hand (built by hand)
Forever fearless asking why and how
Locomotive, just look at you now (look at you now)
No one else on Earth has ever been so far
Locomotive, tell me where you are (where you are)

And when that road calls your name
Doesn't matter what's to gain -
It's in your blood

Staring up into the starry night
One of them must surely be your light
Ah Locomotive, you're fading into the rising sun
And who am I to say that you're the lucky one? (you're the lucky one)