"Exploding Whale" lyrics - SUFJAN STEVENS

"Exploding Whale"

I'm nobody's friend
Loneliness rides in my bed, my misfortune
Give everything you've got
While the sun burns hot my addiction
Spoils my affection for everything good
Elephant in the room
Might as well shoot at the moon, wild ambition
Give everything you've got
Jump the Fosbury flop with intention
Pursue your invention as something of worth

[Refrain 1]
The thing I most regret is having to repress what I'm feeling
While expressing delight as a myth
Embrace the epic fail of my exploding whale

Poison or powdered milk (Poison or powdered milk)
Paralyzed as it took (Paralyzed as it took)
Premonition (That is what we are)
Give everything you've got
Before your life is caught in conditions
Be the first of its victims, the foot of a hill
Action or consequence (Action or consequence)
My unyielding defense (My unyielding defense)
Superstition (That is what we are)
My attempts to obscure the wonders of this world
Be it fortune or faith in distortion, the patron of prayer

[Refrain 2]
The thing I most resent is having to consent to allusion
While confessing distress with my fist
Will history prevail my exploding whale?

What of a dream deferred my appeal in reverse?
Embrace the epic fail of my exploding whale