"Super Sexy Woman" lyrics - SUFJAN STEVENS

"Super Sexy Woman"

She's a superhuman girl
She is Superwoman
She is Superman's cousin
She's got superpower loving

She's got superhuman eyes
For see-through superhuman vision
She's got superhuman thighs
Sexier than television

She is super-duper smart
I like her for her mind
She'll shoot a super fart
The deadly silent kind

She's got superhuman lips
For super suction
She's got superpower hips
For super reproduction


She's a lot like Catwoman
Just without the leather
She likes whips and chains
And an electronic feather

She's got a super long tongue
And spandex underwear
She's got a Superman smile
And Wonder Woman's hair


[Outro 4x]
She is Supergirl, Superwoman, Supersexywoman