"Evidence" lyrics - SUSAN TEDESCHI

(George Jackson / Raymond Moore)

I've always had so much faith in you
Even when you were out all night long
But the clues keep turnin' up, every time you come back home

If that ain't evidence, guilt is written all over your face
If that ain't evidence, oh yes, tell ya,

I got evidence
You're meeting some other woman in some other place
(Yes you are, yes you are)

Lipstick on your collar, the smell of perfume that I never use
Hotel matches in your pocket babe and a strange door key too
If that ain't evidence, yeah I got enough proof to put you away

I've carefully been over the facts
I know you've been cheating and lying
You can't tell me you've been out with the boys
I sure 'nuff got you this time
I got the evidence
The verdict is guilty all the way

I got the evidence
I got the proof right here in my hand