"Love Will" lyrics - SUSAN TEDESCHI

"Love Will"

They say sister take your time
It's better that you wait
Better if you show some restraint when
There's too much on your plate
And when time can't seem to find you
And all along you still remain

I tell you patience won't change a thing
Patience won't change a thing

They say sister go out and get yours
Go on and get what you deserve
Place yourself up on that filthy ladder
You just better not get burned.
And when you have all that money can buy
And still you roam the earth
I tell you money won't heal the hurt
Money won't heal the hurt

I tell you that love, will
Love, will, love, love, will
They say sister know your place
This is a man's world
You better leave it up to us
This ain't no place for little girls

So, you work so hard
You work so hard
Even try with all your might
But perfect won't make it right
Oh perfect won't make it right