"Wonderful Feeling" lyrics - SWITCHFOOT

"Wonderful Feeling"

Ain't it good to feel alright
Ain't it good to know that you're not alone
Yeah ain't it good to know

'Cause I lived my whole life
Looking for the light with closed eyes
Ain't it funny how you fight what you need the most
Yeah, but I can finally feel my soul tonight

I've got this wonderful feeling
I've got my hopes set high
And after all this time spent chasing my shadow
Let Your light be mine
Let Your light be mine

Come on sunlight prove the darkness wrong
Ain't it funny how the fears we had last night
Don't look so scary in the morning light
Come on flowers open up your arms
Ain't it good to finally step into that light
Yeah and I can feel it in my soul tonight

Like a waterfall
Washing over my shadows
Like a waterfall
I'm under now
Let your waterfall and
Let your all of Your love pour down