"Hey You" lyrics - SYMBA

"Hey You"
(Michael Jones)

Hey you [3x]

Your smile drives me wild,
Hey you
Your eyes have that certain glow
You know

Hey you [2x]

I've been watching you and getting into your style
From the moment that I saw you... I need you...
That special feeling you give me
I've been searching for all my life,
Can you see, girl

Hey you [4x]

From the very first time that I laid eyes upon you
All of my life, I've been waiting for this dream to come true.
As I stopped and stared that you're looking so, so fine,
Hey, hey you.
Girl you're always on my mind

I'd give my heart and my soul to you.
If what they say is true.
I'll be yours and you'll be mine till the end of time.

We'll be together forever
Our love will bloom, I'll never let you go.
And there's no doubt about it, baby

Hey you [4x]

Hey you, girl
I need you here with me
Hey you.
Dont you go away, no, no
Hey you.

You're the only one I need, girl
Hey you.
You and me, yeah,
Hey you
Hey you, girl
Hey you
Hey you, my love
Hey you
Don't you go away
Hey you
Please say you'll stay, baby

Hey you