"Another Way" lyrics - TAD MOROSE

"Another Way"

I don't believe you
There is no end to your lies
I won't believe you
And there's no one here I trust
And I want my freedom

I can't escape but
I must live here all along
Out in the dark
I stand and I must remain strong
To fight for our freedom

Each day we face them
Building empires of the night
No bombshells, gunfire
And there's no fire burning bright

It's just another way
I said another way
Just like the other day
Now I don't want it
Now can you hear me say
They found another way
Another way to build the Reich

They almost made it last time
Now they turn to strike
They say it's all for freedom
This I do not like
'Cause I fear its evil

I don't believe you
There is something in your eye
You think you know me
And the way I feel inside
And I know you're evil