"Time Of No Sun" lyrics - TAD MOROSE

"Time Of No Sun"

Not long ago on a world not so far
The King sent four riders pure in their hearts
Search for the Spirit Search for the Lamb
All of my children rise

It's time to leave
The Royal Fleet is here
So be the truth that none of you may enter
Lest the Royal Crown you bear in your heart

The Court and the King and his followers stood aboard
Awaiting the riders to gather them all
First came the Lion then came the Lamb
The fire of the Spirit has now left the land

Wrapped in the fumes of the underworld all ships leave
Up rises Five and they claim all that is and will be
Search for the riders Find us the Lamb
Bring us the Spirit
His heart in our hands

Seconds before the departure all eyes fell upon
A ragged man Torn and wild-eyed he turned
Facing the crowd
Raising his staff to the sky
And these are his words

Now the stars may still shine and horizons be clear
But the Spirit is gone
Come the time, the time of no sun

Spirits of Five grasp control of the world
Knowing here after follow the ages of peace under strict supervision
Hear me ye prophets ye spirits of Five
Hear when I speak of starvation and strife

Their prophets performing an act all will see and worship their master
Few will escape most are drowned in the eternal sea
A time has just ended your work has begun
Now come what will be the time of no sun