"Time Of Silence" lyrics - TAD MOROSE

"Time Of Silence"

Looking out in nowhere I see a distant gleam of light Faces I've never seen
Searching in a dream Candles burning down and the light is fading out It's
The time of silence that makes me do things right

I am living in a dream or is it just what it seams Looking within myself
Reaching for my sunset sky Running in endless circles heading for that
Fading light Haunting shadows all around with grewsome hate in mind

They lie, they try they will never bring me down I try, I will break this
Voices turned to silence but echoes speak of memories Lying awake and
Listening wondering who's there for me Standing naked and alone is this for
Real or dreams within dreams

Time of silence has come it's up to me to make things right
Trying to break these chains but then I realise it is inside my mind I am
Dealing with my fears but if it's only in my head So why am I having this
Constant fear

Looking into the future I see my life before me The circle is broken
Searching for my dream of hope The starlight from above hasing shadows away
Putting memories behind me I'm the one who makes things right