"Where The Sun Never Shines" lyrics - TAD MOROSE

"Where The Sun Never Shines"

Make me an offer I cannot refuse
Sell me your nightmares, your fears
Tell me the difference I live with the dead
Tell me of joy and of tears
Grant me three wishes and make them come real
Wishes go farther out here
Tell me of secrets and places you've been
Tell me the rapture is near
Show me the devil is always the same
Show me I've nothing to fear
Give me a choice between Heaven and Hell
Show me a way out of here

Here I am, where the Dead rule the night
The stars left the sky for this place
Darkness rules and I say, I will stay
Here where the sun never shines

I made you an offer you could not refuse
I sold you your nightmares, your fears
I told you the difference
I wept for the dead
I told you of joy and of tears
I Granted three wishes then made them come real
I hold you there's nothing to fear
Now give me a choice either Heaven or Hell
I'll take any road out of here