"Humanimal" lyrics - TALISMAN


Guided by instincts u just can't control, animal logic
Suppressing your soul, a penchant for cruelty, desire for
Sensing weakness, u r merciless
A civilized surface, a savage underneath,
Turn out the lights u can't keep it in,
The only beast who wants more than she needs, never satisfied,
Always driven by greed
U r the predator, the prey, u r what u eat,
U r a human animal

In your solar system u r the star,
So easy 2 hate when u don't know who u r,
Conflicting emotions 'bout the colour of their skin,
Goodbye now, it's a war you'll never win

U r a liar, a deceiver, the victor in this charade, u r a human

Computerize the future, it won't save us,
In the end, virtual reality is not the key 2 the universe,
We got 2 learn [2x]-ist 2gether, it's the only way [2x],
Love is the way, the only way


Everyone tries 2 make sense out of chaos,
Got 2 get a grip on this cold world,
So u say u believe in god,
It's a poor x-cuse 4 not believing in yourself
(C no evil, hear no evil, fear no evil)

Pretending 2 live by some virtuous code,
When your "clothes" don't fit, u throw them away,
Creating an illusion of immortality,
Goodbye now, u were born 2 die

U r a sinner, a saviour,
U bear the mark of cain, u r a human animal