"My Song" lyrics - TANYA TUCKER

"My Song"

I wasn't lookin' for no one I was just out tryin' to have some fun
When baby you walked in my world that day
Then you looked right into my eyes and a voice that could make the devil cry
You just sang my poor heart away
Friends may come and friends may go but lovers either stay
Or break your heart oh you just fall apart
I thought I could take it or leave it but I can't hardly believe it
But nobody ever sang a song about me before
And I begged you baby as you walked out the door
Please don't play my song for somebody else
It's so beautiful let me keep it for myself
Please don't change the chorus and put in another man's name
Please don't take my song away oh baby please don't take my song away


Sittin' here in my lonely room with the radio on one afternoon
I heard a voice that made me shiver
Oh no one could sing that way if they didn't mean just what they say
And my tears fell like a river
Sang oh baby I love you I was such a fool not to stay
We may never see each other again but I'll never take your song away
Oh baby I'll never take your song away oh baby I'll never take your song away