"Over And Over" lyrics - TEDDY THOMPSON

"Over And Over"

Over and over the same is the same
I make mistakes then I make them again
I find it comfortable here
Repeating myself cuts the fear

Some time ago I came up with a plan
Shit on myself so that no one else can
I have perfected this stance
You better keep your distance

All of my life I've been just getting by
Minimum due, let the balance ride
Why do I think I can cheat?
This ain't a system to beat

Love that I think I can stay on this track
All that you take you will have to give back
And I have been taking a lot
All of this fruit's gonna rot

There is a place where the happiness flows
Sunshine, lollipops, rainbows
I think I'll go there one day
Book for a week but then stay, stay, stay, stay, stay