"Simply Jazz" lyrics - TENACIOUS D

"Simply Jazz"


Floating through space
Time has no meaning
Large empty space
Time isn't there

Grooving through time
Life has no meaning
Sexualization of the jazz


Crawling through time
Finding the gold
Digging deep through the earth looking for gold
But finding only space


Stinky jazz

Flowing through jazz
Time has no meaning
Forty-five minutes of non stop jazz
I'm sorry I was mistaken
It's two hours and seventy-eight minutes of non-stop jazz

You cannot stop the jazz
You cannot cut, quite cut off the head of jazz

But you can smell the jazz
Can you taste the jazz?
It tastes like honeysuckle dew drops from the breeze of ancient nations

You're not quite sure that you want the jazz
You do not like the jazz
You're pretty sure that you hate the jazz
And yet you want the jazz


Who put the devil into my jazz
I said
Who put Beelzeboss into my jazz
Who put Satan into my jazz
Was it you? Was it you? Who did it?

There's Satan in my jazz
The devil is in my jazz
Too much Satan in my jazz

Me and Kage are hungry
We're hungry for some jazz

That's Kones on electric
That's Spike on the bass
That's Brooks on the drums
That's Kage in your face

And little ol' me on voc's
The vox
The thing you know to be true

A new direction for the D

It's absolutely certain that we will sell many records this way
But that's not why we do it, no
There's simply nothing to it, no

Our hearts have led us this way
But have our hearts led us astray?


I'm afraid our hearts have led us astray
Why do you do it?
Why you do it this way?

Because the jazz has no meaning

Can you feel it?
Can you feel it coming from the ugly down below?
That's the feeling, don't ya know
Of the scat man
Jazz man
It's an ancient jazz
It's an ancient kind of jazz
It's a sweet taste of jazz
Aw, that sweet, delicious Jazz
Aw, that scrumptious jazz

Get inside the jazz
Let it take you higher
Let it take you all the way
To the other side of the universe of your soul


And stop!