"Drive Away" lyrics - THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS

"Drive Away"

She's gone away but still they stay together
People call him crazy, crazy
His thoughts progress, he thinks about forever
His mind tells him maybe, maybe

I wish I could drive away to the sunset
Back to the day that we first met
Only believe the things I wrote
I'll put it in a note, yeah
I'll cross my t's and dot my I's
Better say hello, don't you dare say goodbye
I'll write sincerely yours and sign my name
P.S. I love you forever and today

And now she's gone, they couldn't stay together
The rain falls down, now he's crying, crying
Two weeks go by, seems like its been forever
Their hearts are bound, now she's lying, lying


All the heartbreak all the pain
All your words you said in vain
And I'll never be the same


(All the heartbreak, all the pain)
Forever and today
(All your words are said in vain)
Forever and today
(And I'll never be the same)
P.S. I love you
Forever and today