"Ivory Castles" lyrics - THE AMBOY DUKES

"Ivory Castles"

Aren't all the ivory castles
Worth all of the hassles?
One incurs when he blows his mind

Aren't all the rainbow colors
Worth all the rain?
Aren't the fine sensations
Worth all the pain?

If life seems to be a drag
Keep your spirits high
And try to quit relying
On the outside world
To bring you joy

You can't command them
To want anything but wealth
Don't try and understand them
'Till you understand yourself

No greed and hated (rule?) today

I feel it right now
Going up and coming down
Colors all around

And I thrive

Now all my ivory castles
Were surely worth the hassles
And I'm glad
That I blew my mind

I've learned to make my pleasures
Things that I can find
I've learned to take my treasures
And store them in my mind

And happiness is everything