"I Mistake Myself" lyrics - THE BOYS NEXT DOOR

"I Mistake Myself"

I mistake myself
For the silhouette
I used to know
Cold on the stairs

Written and locked in the bottom drawer
Moping in denial (no point in denial; open in denia; hoping in denial?)

I mistake myself
As you walk in my room
And I write my mind (my my, my name?)
On the back of my hand

Sitting alone in the dining room
Moping in denial

I mistake myself
For pieces of paper
In various editions
I guess I'm quite complete

Must I hold my breath and turn blue
Moping in denial

Take a look over your shoulder
My face on the wall is staring in your window
Be quiet I'm talking I can't hear what I'm saying
The shape I made is the hand that bites me

I mistake myself
I mistake myself
I mistake myself
I mistake myself

We all fall down