"Alma Mater" lyrics - THE CHAD MITCHELL TRIO

"Alma Mater"

The Mitchell Trio had its beginning when we were still in College,
And we found that in traveling throughout the Country, and singing for
Groups just such as this one, that too often we forget, as many young
College men and women seem to be doing nowadays, all of the rich and
Wonderful experiences of college life that could help prepare us
For the responsibilities of our future

Bright college years, we sing to thee
The golden years that quickly flee
Oh, shining moments of our youth
Where we can seek the truth

May what we learn midst toil and strife
Direct our footsteps throughout life
No man can ask for more than this
We sing to thee, Ol' Miss

We bow our heads, and give thee thanks
We'll ne'er forget, alas
Those teargas raids, the army tanks
Those riots after class
The National Guard, the barricades
Where we shared our first kiss
The senior prom, the hand grenades
We're going to miss Ol' Miss

We'll miss the cafeteria
That's crawling in wisteria
We'll miss the classrooms where we learned
And effigies we burned
My girl was only seventeen
When she was chosen riot queen
These memories we'll ne'er forget
God bless thee Ross Barnett

We're going to miss Ol' Miss
Glory, glory, what a helluva time we had
We're going to miss Ol' Miss