"If I Gave You" lyrics - THE CHAD MITCHELL TRIO

"If I Gave You"

If I gave you fields of clover
Beds of flowers, pink and blue
Crowns of laurel, walls of ivy
Would you let me walk with you

If I gave you prides of lions
Teams of horses, two by two
And a school of flying fishes
Would you let me dance with you

A palace of jade, a cluster of pearls
A shower of stars for your curb

But I have no prides of lions
And my pearls, alas, are few
But for worlds of loving heartbeats
Would you let me stay with you

[Spoken Finale:]
Love is a series of "darlings" and "dearies"
Of "honeys" and "sweeties" and sugared entreaties
Of moonings and swoonings, and cooings and billings
All tempered of course by occasional killings