"My Name Is Morgan" lyrics - THE CHAD MITCHELL TRIO

"My Name Is Morgan"

Well my name is Willie Morgan, and I'm a hard-luck workin' man
The motto of my whole life has been, "Be as thrifty as you can"
I never use a US Air Mail stamp when a five-cent stamp'll do
And if you ask me for a dollar or two, well here's what I'll say to you

My name is Morgan, but ain't J. P.
Ain't got no banks in this World that are named for me
My money's in my pocket, not AT&T
My name is Morgan, but ain't J. P.
I said it's Morgan, but ain't J. P. (after last verse only)

Now I went down to grocery store just to pick up an item or two
I had no need for a grocery cart, just little paper bag would do
I had to wait for an hour or more just to get a chance to pay
The man added up a figure and he held in his hand, and I nearly fainted away


I took my gal to Broadway show that the whole town wanted to see
Well the taxi cost me eighty-five cents, it didn't mean a thing to me
I stepped up to that ticket booth and I laid my money down
When he said these seats'll be fifteen bucks, you could hear me all over this town


I went walkin' down Bleeker Street with my lady friend, her name was Sue
Keepin' her out of them fancy shops was about all that I could do
She squealed with joy at a marvelous toy in the window of an antique shop
When the little old lady quoted a price, I thought my heart would stop