"Puttin' On The Style" lyrics - THE CHAD MITCHELL TRIO

"Puttin' On The Style"

Puttin' on the agony, puttin' on the style
That's what all the young folks are doing all the while
And as we look around us, we're very apt to smile
To see so many people puttin' on the style

Young man home from college makes a great display
With a fancy adjective that he can hardly say
It can't be found in Webster's, and won't be for a while
But we know that he's only puttin' on the style

Young man in a restaurant puffin' on a pipe
Looking like a pumpkin that's only halfway ripe
Smoking, drinking, cussing, and thinking all the while
That there is nothing equal to puttin' on the style

Sweet sixteen, she goes to school, just to see the boys
She turns and laughs and giggles at every little noise
She turns this way a little then she turns that way a while
But everybody knows she's puttin' on that style

Preacher in the pulpit shouting all his might
Glory Hallelujah, puts the people in a fright
They think that Satan's running up and down the aisle
But it's just the preacher puttin' on the style