"He's Gone" lyrics - THE CHANTELS

"He's Gone"

Gone, gone, gone, gone, ooh

He's gone (he's gone)
I don't know where
But he's gone (he's gone)
I must have done something wrong
He is gone (he's gone)

I'm sorry (he's gone)
For what I've done
To make you leave me
Darling, please believe me
I'm sorry you've gone

I'm sorry, darling
For what I have done
For you know in your heart
That you're the only one

I really love you
With all my heart and soul
Come back to me and
I'll never let you go

I'm sorry (he's gone)
For what I have done
Believe me
You are the only one

Darling, I'm sorry you're
Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone