"Family" lyrics - THE CLICK

(E. Stevens / T.M. Stevens)

[Suga T:]
Ooh ooh

Sing it Suga
Sticky situations, sticky situations

[Suga T:]
Ooh ooh ooh

It's brutal out there ya know, uh
Suga T sang it

[Suga T:]
Ooh ooh ooh

Playas ain't doin' all that good, ya know
Right now it's all bad

[Suga T:]
Ooh ooh ahh

[Verse 1: E-40]
I never stayed my ass home, I always thought that I was grown
Nigga traffic, I was gone
Ya see my head was made of stone
Got a problem with me, then feel free motherfucker
Don't be talkin' under ya breath
It might be the 'cause of ya death
I woke up this morning with some shit on my head
Pulled my shoebox from under my bed
Looked out the window all I see was candy paints and wheels
Stressin' seperatin' weed from the seeds and stems
In desperate need of some money
Hard liquor, drinkin' on an empty stomach
It might be old to me but new to you
Imagine wakin' up witout a thing to do
Still livin' with my grandma, not a lie
But my excuse, is I'm my grandma cheer provider
And she a nervous wreck
'Cuz she ain't received her SSI check
On holidays we gather, siblings
We get together and clean the giblets
Everything smooth, we sippin' wine
Till the devil started workin' overtime
Full of that potion, mess
Nothing but comotion
A test to see if we can stop
I started cryin' y'all we family, we all we got

[Hook: E-40 (Suga T)]
(Family) Family it's all I got
(I got my family) My family, yeah we all we got
Family, that's all I got (Ooh)
My family, yeah we all we got (Ooh ah)
(Family) Family it's all I got
(I got my family) My family, yeah we all we got
Family, that's all I got (Ooh)
My family, yeah we all we got (Ooh ah)

[Verse 2: E-40]
I don't like it but today seemed like just a thang
My lil' sister pussy-hopped pregnant at age fifteen
Hangin' out in hods, thought she wasn't
Moms old-fashinoned, don't believe in abortion
So she went ahead and had it
But all the while lil' sis was gettin' badder
Should I get a lil' thug
Can't get involved cuz cum is thicker than blood
She'll be right back with his bitch ass tomorrow
While I'm doin' my time, sittin' there feelin' sorrow
Fuckin' off my future plans again
Can't be out just SOS
Convo says we losin' out
Twerkin' in the kitchen
Chokin' on my chicken
When everybody else is sleepin'
I'm makin' me a homemade fee-fee
Family, it's a fool
But everybody in ya family ain't cool
Family can be a friend
To be family you ain't even gotta be know kin
Family can be two-faced and be run with others
Some of ya family can be jealous
No matter what I'ma love 'em till the day I drop
Nigga, we all we got

[Hook: E-40 (Suga T)]

[E-40 speaking:]
Dig it, ya know
That's real and and family gon' be there through thick and thin
Family gon' be there no matter what
Ya know during trials and tribulations
Through the heavy times, ya under a dig
Family gon' be there no matter what pimpin'
That's why I love my family

[Outro: E-40 (Suga T) to fade]
Family (I got my family)
Family, Family (My momma)
Family (Ah daddy)
Family (I love you)
Family (Everybody family)
Family (I got my family)