"The Cross" lyrics - THE CRABB FAMILY

"The Cross"
(Gerald Crabb)

To some, it's just an emblem a formality
It's a symbol that's been used so frequently
Many blaspheme and despise
Though it's ancient, it abides
A shrine to death that stands for life to me

There was a cross made
For the Son of God at Calvary
Two pieces of rough timber on a hill
Through His hands and through His feet

He took the nails for you and me
Angels watched as He died for the lost
Though He could have walked away
He chose the cross

You see why this old emblem is so dear to me
It stood for suffering, yet it brought us peace
It bridged the gap for me
Offered cleansing for our sins
An icon that reminds us that we're free

God forbid that
I should ever let my memory fade
But forever keep the cross in view
For that's where I was saved