"Random Analysis" lyrics - THE DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND

"Random Analysis"

Analyze the compromise
Career is why I think or say the things I do
Relationship in honesty, so here's a little story for you;
Met a girl, I met a girl at random
Random is as random does
Justify don't ask me why...why?
Just because

I'm acting like a day old male
Day old female

Saturday, another day, and life's a little give and take
Take and give
I'm staying home, I'm sorry boys I'm a little sensitive
But still you're saying;
'Faggot is as faggot does with every little faggot thing a faggot do'
I'm not insane, I'm not insane...I'm just smarter than you

You're acting like a day old male
Day old female


But I'm loving
...And insecure
...And just a little bit violent
But I know for sure
I'm here for your entertainment
I'm here, for your unbridled entertainment
So lets go

Far away, in Fantasy
Don't get me wrong I like it too and feel it too
But understand that man or woman, I don't want to sleep with you
'Cause power is as power does
With every little power trip we pull because;
It's all inside our selfish pride wanting the control of it all
(Controlling it all! CONTROL EMOTION!!!)

Day old male
Day old female;

Compromise. (compromise baby...)