Someone set fire to the field last night
Turned himself in this morning
No, I don't think you knew him
But that's not the point

The cops asked why he'd done it
As they fastened up the cuffs.
He looked at what he'd done and said,
"Guess I just don't know.
I just don't know."

But you can feel it in your heart
Feel it in your soul
Feel it go around until you lose control
And there's just a few things
That can't be told
Don't you feel it burn?

There was this friend that you and I had
There were a few things that he believed in
And then one by one he found some flaws
And now he's not so sure
No, he's not that sure.

I woke up alone this morning
And I looked around the room
And some day there's gonna be hell to pay
I know.
Yeah. I know