"You Can't Forget" lyrics - THE DREAM SYNDICATE

"You Can't Forget"

She says she's changing everything you knew her as
I see she even dyed her hair but the roots still show
'Cause you can't rip the claws from your back
When you've watched them grow under your skin
But she takes the bus crosstown to avoid all her friends
Throws her moneydown and forgets about ends
Says she's starting new but I think there's nothing left
'Cause you can wipe the slate but
You can't forget

She tore up all the pictures and ripped all the notes
And threw out all the things that reminded
Her of him

But she takes the bus... [etc.]

And now she's almost dead because you can't describe her
She's not taking any weight,...she's certainly learned by now

You can't forget
You can't forget