"The Doll House Is Empty" lyrics - THE EVERLY BROTHERS

"The Doll House Is Empty"

Once you used to play a game called break a heart a day
Little boys were only toys that you would toss away
Now you want them back again, but they don't wanna play
The doll house is empty

All the soldiers marched away and they've deserted you
Even all your puppets cut their strings and left you too
You've run out of playthings and you don't know what to do
The doll house is empty

A boy is not a wind-up toy
You play with once and then destroy
Love's not something from a Five and Ten
Boys and toys are not the same
And you're the only one to blame

If your playmates don't come back again
Now you know the reason no one wants you anymore
You are not the little girl that you were once before
Childhood days are over and the writing's on the door
The doll house is empty, now.