"Aware Of Love" lyrics - THE IMPRESSIONS

"Aware Of Love"
(Jerry Butler, Mayfield)

I'm aware of love
At last I'm aware of love, now
I asked my Papa not long ago now
What is love and he said woah
You'll have to find out all by yourself
You cannot learn from somebody else

And someday you'll be aware of love
I said someday if you live long enough
You'll be aware of love

Ahh but I was anxious and couldn't wait
And every little girl I took on a date
Told her that I really really loved her
Vowed I'd never ever love another

But found it was just puppy love
I said I found yes I did, yes I did
It was just puppy love

Now like Papa told me, one day I met ya
I knew right then girl, I had to get you
Took you in my arms and, really kissed you
But when you went away child
You know I missed you

And now I'm aware of love
I said at last I have found true love