"Emotions (Won't You Let Me Cry)" lyrics - THE IMPRESSIONS

"Emotions (Won't You Let Me Cry)"

Why can't I cry
Why won't I shed a tear
My baby's gone
She done left me
Standing a here

Is it because of the pain in my heart
Won't let me cry
For I deserve even war for the sins I've done
Such a way to be tortured
That I think I'd rather die
Than be hurt with these pains
Deep in my soul yeah

Please emotion
Won't you come on out, and let me cry
Please emotion
Won't you let the tears flow from eyes

Woman done left me
Tendin' and I'm all upset
And I'll go crazy
If you don't come on
If you don't come on now and let me cry
Why can't I cry (babe I cry)
Why won't why I shed a tear (please let me cry)
Please emotion