"Fa La La" lyrics - THE KOOKS

"Fa La La"

You're out there having fun
And I need you
I'm alone with this song
About being empty
And the fear of missing out
It's hard to be alone
Nineteen miles I've walked
Up and down the hall

Long hall

Oh god I miss my girl
It's only been a night
I miss the last time
That we had a fight
Isn't it sad?
Won't you say it's bad?
I don't care and if I have to
I'll read your books
'Cause they'll remind me of you

And I'll learn your notes
So that I have a clue
And I'll watch your films
So I'll know them through and through
And I'll do the things that remind me of you
And I'll wash my hair in your shampoo
And I'll buy your perfume
And spray it round my room
And I'll smoke your cigarettes
So that I'm dying too
And I'll call you up

Fa la la la
Fa la la la
Fa la la la

Am I sane?
Am I sane?
Am I sane?