"Aerodeliria" lyrics - THE LOUD FAMILY


Aerodeliria jet ride
They don't affect me now
Elegant Stalins nine hundred stories down

Go back to sleep, Little Susie
What would you wake to find?
Arrogant laws still hoping to draw your lines

Love is real, and'll care for you
So take all the love that's there for you
Where one gets refused
We could blow down the doors in twos
I don't think we'd ever lose

Aerodeleria light speed
What won't these kids get done?
With their ibuprofen and smoked glass to look at the sun

Door to door in the August heat
Scamming down 42nd Street
But what will we do, girl, if just one of us comes through
And I'm putting my bets on you

Look what we've gotten ourselves in
Over the falls we go
Girl, don't you know what that sound is?
Losses being cut
And mercy being asked
And "Don't hate us too bad.
We didn't know."