"The Softest Tip Of Her Baby Tongue" lyrics - THE LOUD FAMILY

"The Softest Tip Of Her Baby Tongue"

I was wrong to keep myself at all
To keep myself at all
I didn't know how your kisses felt
Until I saw you kiss someone else
Now how will I ever try
Child lips as I shiver sigh
I didn't know that the sun was there
Till I stopped going out anywhere
Most thrilled which is still depressed
Softest sleep which still isn't rest

Bank parking lot ten to one
Face, T-zone dry, work gets done
Loose, under things, underplay
I wished myself here, I might wish myself away

We should be steel tipped and baby-warm
In some gone age's deluded norm
Its embarrassments all somehow
Seen as flair
Is it too late now?

Still stayed in touch, perfect drone
Blue caravan, right at home
Pinned, native tongue, what we mean
Wild nature knows how to grind like a cruel machine