"Blues In The Bottle" lyrics - THE LOVIN' SPOONFUL

"Blues In The Bottle"

Blues in the bottle, blues in the bottle
Trouble in my hands, pretty mama
Blues in the bottle, trouble in my hands
I'm goin' back to Fort Worth
Find me another man
Dig your taters, o dig your taters
It's tater diggin' time, pretty mama
O dig your taters, it's tater diggin' time
Old man Jack Frost
Done an' killed your vine
Asked my baby, asked my baby
Could she stand to see me cry, pretty mama
Asked my baby could she stand to see me cry
She said, whoa black daddy
I can stand to see you die
Rooster chews tobacco, rooster chews tobacco
The hen uses snuff, pretty mama
That rooster chews tobacco and the hen uses snuff
The little chickens don't take nothin'
But they strut their stuff
Went to Tadinoodie [?], went to Tadinoodie
See my pony run, pretty mama
Went to Tadinoodie, see my pony run
If I win some money
Gonna give my baby some