"It's Not Time Now" lyrics - THE LOVIN' SPOONFUL

"It's Not Time Now"

I'd like to tell you that it's fine
But it's not time now
I can't seem to get a word in edgewise anyhow
Though the words are flyin' fast it just don't mean a thing
In a little while I could tell you everything

But we've taken sides in anger and we can't back down
Now we're fightin'just to bring the other down
And if you think to stop it now
Then the next time we'll know how

I'd like to break it to you gently were we go wrong
If the rock begins a-rollin'we just tag along
If at first we pick beloved things that we both lack
Then before we think to stop we're into hurtin'back

Then an avalanche of answers must be found too fast
Hasty made just when we should build to last
Love what we lack like what we share
Correction comes with time to spare