"American Mary" lyrics - THE NATIONAL

"American Mary"
(Matt Berninger / Aaron Dessner / Bryan Devendorf / Scott Devendorf)

Give my jewels to the army
My silverware and jeans
Give my love to your family
Tell them anything

Give yourself to anyone
Give yourself away
Don't be a nightingale
For anyone's space to fill

If I could, I'd be your star again
Fall across your falling sky

It takes a lot of little rain
To make you feel like nothing
Anything, anything you care to do
Do to me for everything I did for you


I didn't try to take your love away
I just never knew I had it

There is nothing you can say
To ever make me want you
There is nothing you can say
To ever make me leave you

American Mary

If you kiss me, kiss me with your silver eyes
Don't look at me like someone you don't recognize
I didn't try to do this

Your arms around my shoulder blades
Are useless


American Mary
American Mary