"The Screams Of Passion" lyrics - THE NEW POWER GENERATION

"The Screams Of Passion"

Whoa no, whoa yeah (Woo, oh)
Whoa no, whoa no, yeah yeah, yeah yeah

There's a gentle autumn breeze that blows
Whenever we be lyin', lyin' in my bed
The moon appears and disappears, U look at me
My clothes I quickly, I quickly shed

The curtains dance a minuet, autumn plays the music, baby
Come on, hold my hand
Leaves are fallin' velvet splash
Only you and I can under, only you can understand

The sunlight draws a picture through the silky lace
That hangs above your, hangs above your door
A picture that is waving, that it seems 2 be with every thrust U
Make me beg 4 more

Oh, a robin sings a masterpiece
That lives and dies unheard
4 screams of passion
A sound produced by 2 in love
Curtains dance and autumn plays on
(Oh, 2 in love, on and on)
The screams of passion

All I hear in my head echoing like a volcano, baby
The screams of passion
Back and forth the raging seas of lust, I want you madly
Can't you tell, can't you tell, can't you tell, can't you tell?

Take me in your arms, oh baby
The crime is done, I'd rather die here in your
Screams of passion
Whoa, hold me now, baby
Tell me that you love me
Is it Sunday or is it passion?

Love, love (The screams of passion)
The screams of passion, yeah yeah, love
The screams of, the screams of, the screams of passion, passion
Hand me that love

Yeah! (Shhh... not so loud baby)
Yeah! (Shhh, shhh)

The screams of passion [2x]
Oh, oh, oh, the screams of passion
Ooh, the screams of, the screams of, the screams of passion
The screams of passion

Back and forth the raging seas of lust
Raging, raging (The screams of passion)
U know I want you madly baby
Why can't you tell? Oww
Is... is it Sunday? (Ooh love, ooh love)
I thought I heard a church bell (Or was it passion, passion?)

Yeah yeah (Ooh)
The screams of passion
What did you say baby?
Excuse me, but...
Is that your passion?
Do you want my passion?
Uh, do you want my passion?

If you want my love, if you want my body baby
Let me hear ya, let me hear ya, let, uh, let me hear ya scream!
I want some passion
U know what I'm talkin' about baby?
I want some passion
U got that baby?
I want some passion
Passion, mmm