"When U Love Somebody" lyrics - THE NEW POWER GENERATION

"When U Love Somebody"

I was the one sleepin' all alone
When you were at the party
I was the one waitin' by the phone
When you were with somebody

Now here you come again
With your heart in your hands
Confessin' all of your sins
Same tired line that I've heard a dozen times
Still I've got 2 give in

'Cause when you love somebody
Every now and then it might rain
When you love somebody
With every sun shower there's pain
Whenever something's lost
Something's gained
When you love somebody
When you love someone

U were the one lookin' 4 some action
I was just lookin' 4 U
"Who needs love when you got protection"
Quote, unquote your point of view
All my partners say that I need 2 dismiss U
Until they see you smile (such a pretty smile)
All them fools are buggin'
'Cause they just want your lovin'
In the backseat 4 a little wile
But I don't care

Round and round
Don't stop the poundz
'Cause a brutha's gettin'
Down here lately!
Freedom agress with us all U C
In a state of mind
That's weightless...
C on the quantum tip I
Flipped on the notion of when
The Adam split we got Eve
Duality's now a groupie
With a backstage pass
And they ain't gonna leave
Till they get some...
From grace we fall
Referring 2 the objects on the wall
My hat, my coat, my ballz R
Round and round
Don't stop the poundz
'Cause a brutha's gettin' down here lately!