"When He Set Me Free" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"When He Set Me Free"

One day I was a walkin', one day I was a talkin'
One day I was a livin' deep in sin
I wouldn't believe Him, and I wouldn't receive Him
Well, I never knew I needed such a Friend
Well, I started seekin', and I started searchin' lookin' for that Man from Galilee
Well, I started prayin' Lord, hear these words I'm sayin' come on down from Glory and set me free

Don't you know he put a runnin' in my feet, He put a clappin' in my hands
He put a shoutin' in my heart, He took a doubtin' from my mind
My way got brighter, load got lighter
I started walkin' I started talkin'
I started singin' kept on shoutin'
God said that He would receive me, God said that He would deliver me
Thank You Jesus, I thank you Jesus, I thank you Jesus, Oh Lord
Everybody, well, you really should have been there when He set me free