"Living In Chaos" lyrics - THE OFFSPRING

"Living In Chaos"

Somewhere the time was right,
Could have been gone in ten
This world is hard to fight, hitting
You once, hit it again
To know the way it feels, everyone
Gets knocked down
When you get up it's real, by taking
It back, turn it around

Get on it, up on it
Get on it - wouldn't wanna be you
Get on it, out on it
Get on it - no one's gonna free you
You know, when you're keeping it slow
No matter where you wanna go -
Wouldn't wanna be you
Get on it, up on it
It's on, we're living in chaos

Somewhere along the line, things
Get chipped away
This place keeps going down, gets
A little worse every day
I see hate and greed, this world's a
Messed up town
Embrace the pain and see, by taking
It back, you turn it around